Construction Project Management

Managing your projects were never been so easy.

Main features

No More Paper Plans

Tired of carrying a pile of plans along with you while marking audits? Reduce the hassle of carrying the paper plans while auditing the work, all you need to do is open a plan in pur app, zoom in, long press and add a marker and plot on your task.

Online and Real Time Team Collaboration

Got a diversified team, or would love to work remotely? Real time updates related to the tasks and work with the team. Stay updated with your daily activities for all your projects. We just brought your team closer.

Manage Multiple Projects

Got multiple projects to manage? Create multiple projects, work with multiple teams without hassles, be a smart manager.

Other features

Keep Check Lists together

No need to carry photocopies. Check if your site hand has seen the work, sitting in your office! Approve work as you go!

No more futile calls for attending to tasks

Mark a task on a plan and assign it right away from where you are. Instantly make the team aware! Let the app follow up from then on!

Retrieve any document anywhere

No more searching, no lost documents. No fumbling and searching! No more dependencies on other team members!

Automatic Daily Reports anytime

Let the team input details throughout the day. Let the app compile at the end of the day- like magic! No more working late hours!

Download the app completely for free

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  • Seeing Fastbuild in action at my site, I felt sure that my project would see timely completion, such are the efficiencies induced by the app in my site team.
    Mr Wagh
    MD, Shoreline Developers, Mumbai
  • Digitalization of the processes at Construction project sites has always been a pain for Project Managers. Construction projects are prone to technological disruption. When I saw the demo of Fast build, I knew this will change construction project management
    Mr Sarfaraz Chaudhary
    ex- Chief Engineer, Godrej Properties Ltd.
  • All through my career in Structural Audits and Project Management, I was looking for a solution to ease co-ordination in the team without that incremental effort required to achieve it. In Fastbuild, I found the answer.
    Mr Radhakrishnan
    ex- Chief Coordinator, Technoesis Pvt. Ltd.
  • While working with the oldest and most reputed Developers in Mumbai, I was glad to see fresh winds of change to ease Project Management using Fastbuild.
    Mr Nikunj Haria
    Chief Engineer, Tejukaya Properties.
  • "Carrying out structural audits involves a lot of paperwork. Normally, it takes days together to compile the information after site visits. With Fastbuild, the whole process of marking structural defects on plans, compiling photographs, taking down observations, structural defects, etc was complete within half an hour after the site survey!"
    Mr Anant Pai
    Registered Structural Engineer and Auditor, Mumbai
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